January, 2011
MIControls, Inc. Technical Support Policy
MIControls’ Scope of Complimentary Technical Support
·         Limited Phone Technical Support
·         Basic Programming Assistance for MAPs – (MIControls Automation Partners)
This support does not include training, system programming, writing or re-writing of control sequences, and is assumed to be supplementary, minor in nature, scope and time. Complimentary Technical Support is offered “as time permits.” When it becomes clear to MICONTROLS that the scope of tech support is not minor, a Purchase Order for Billable Technical Support will be required before proceeding.
MIControls Scope of Billable Technical Support
·         Software tweaking, programming, development
·         System and hardware troubleshooting
·         Trending set-up
·         System commissioning assistance with qualified contractor
·         Networking assistance with customer’s IT dept. on behalf of qualified contractor (who must be present)
·         Warranty, troubleshooting assistance of products, software and programming
·         Call-back support when needed
·         Drawings (unsigned) and project development assistance
MIControls has a “No-screwdrivers” mentality (the liability rests solely with the contractor)
The Billable Technical Support request must be preceded by a clear understanding of the scope of work to be completed so that a proper quote or a Time & Material understanding can be agreed upon.  Billable Technical Support is offered “as time permits” and must be scheduled. Billable hours to be invoiced will be determined by MIControls, Inc. for customers receiving technical support.
Before any Technical Support work begins, a purchase order must be received by MIControls, Inc.
MIControls retains the right to accept or refuse requests for Technical Support.
Contractor’s responsibility
·         Install and replace all hardware and products
·         Cable, wire, panel work and terminations
·         Calibration of components, adjustments to sensors
·         Point to point wiring check out, terminations revisions
·         Onsite support as required by MIControls during commissioning process, defined as the contractor’s qualified technician standing by to perform verifications, wiring revisions, and other functions as requested by the MIControls’ technical assistance employee
·         Drawing development, supplying as-builts
·         All customer interface
·         Control System Warranty